Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brother Worth Knowing

These are media extracts from magazines that my brother, Don Dinnematin, featured in. I took the pictures one Sunday morning when the sun was really bright on our balcony. Surprisingly, they came out fantastically :)


This was my first group project in February at SDC.
We had to create a bag using recyclable or re-usable products. We used pieces of a soccer bag sewn together using shoelaces and painted in proudly South African colours.

Tied Up!!!

I did this one the same day as the gladiator one, but only got around to colouring it this week.
I don't like it as much as the gladiator, but I think I was successful in getting the creases in her shorts correct - something I've battled with for a while.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Uber Cool Photoshop Effects :)

These are from early 2008, when I was still relatively new to Photoshop. Playing around a bit with brushes, blending effects and getting comfortable with the polygon tools.
One thing I battled a bit with was removing the underwear off the one model and placing her hair behind the glowing lights. But after many hours and tons of layers, SUCCESS!!!

Living Dead!!!

During the whole Swine-flu craze, I was inspired by a group of primary school kids walking to school with masks over their mouths to protect themselves. I then got a cool idea to do a whole collection of "the living dead", starting with the kid. I then proceeded to do a zombie stripper, but didn't really have the time to create anymore - maybe one day, but not now.

Neon Rage & Busty Brunette

I drew these two pics back in November of 2009. Each one took two days, but I was bored so it was very worth it. I learned a few new tips and tricks in Photoshop in the process, which helped immensely and takes up less time to complete.
Knowledge FTW!!!


This is something I did the other day.
I tried a twist in the pose to give the character something more.
Couple hours work, but totally worth it ;)

line-art and colours