Friday, December 31, 2010

Vol. Energy Drink

One of the most expensive and strenuous assignments for college from this year (2010) was my Energy Drink.
The assignment was to create a brand for an energy drink, package it, photograph it, and literally make it.

My inspiration was music, because music symbolises energy. I named my brand 'Vol.' which also relates to music, as well as the visual additions; the well-known volume logo, and the knob like O, all play an important part. I made my can silver and used reds, pinks and blacks for the design of the music waves and beat levels. I tried to make it look as universally acceptable as possible, not being stereotypical or gender-specific. The nice thing about my can is that, everyone knows without a shadow of a doubt, that music is what it's all about.

My brother helped me with the photography, and my mom and younger brother were my models.
As draining as this assignment was, it's by far the most fun I've had, when you look at something tangible that you've created in the space of two weeks, it's kind of mind-blowing and ego altering.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Katy 'Grunge' Perry

Working on a personal assignment on Christmas eve has proven to be worthy. I took a picture of Katy Perry and grunged the hell outta it. With my increasing knowledge of Illustrator, it made the process a lot more enjoyable because it let me include elements I would usually leave out. This post is proof that there is nothing wrong with working on a public holiday, if this is the result :)