Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Uncharted Nathan Drake!

Without a doubt, Uncharted is one of the best game series in history. I recently finished playing the third game which blew my mind to pieces. The graphics and fluid movements are flawless, while the storyline is so unbelievably awesome, it's hard to not like.
Anyway, I was browsing around on Pinterest and I came across an image that Patrick Brown had created based on the game, and ever since that day, he has become my idol. The man has some mad skills!
Going through his DeviantArt gallery, I saw many sketches which he had never brought to inking, so I downloaded an image of Nathan, and with the help of my awesome new tablet at work (seriously, this thing rocks my socks) I started at it.
I began with lowering the opacity of his sketch and tracing over my outlines in a new layer, then I added inks, highlights, shadows, lighting effects, mud, and background image, which is a concept image from the third game, and finally corrected the colour.
One thing which was rather frustrating, was that my tablet displayed colours very differently to my monitor. I spent about an hour just fixing up colours. I obviously need to calibrate my tablet correctly.
So after an entire afternoon, my Nathan Drake picture is complete!

Oh, and I would love it if someone would be kind enough to sponsor me a tablet of my own, they're only R29 000 :) Guess I'd better start saving.