Friday, July 30, 2010

Beach Boy!

Gearing up for Summer, even though it's a few months away.
I've created a beach boy who is wearing the exact same pink hotpants that I have (except I don't look that good in them).
I really dig the sand effect I tried by his knees and feet. Perspective along with anatomy are things I'm trying out at the moment.

Bring on the sand, sun and surf!

Chesty Hero!

The bigger the chest, the better!

I created a new character with an enormous chest - working with anatomy, trying to learn all the muscle groups proves to be rather rewarding.

The arms were also a tad bit difficult but came out ok-ish.

Don't ask me what the two smoking, boulder type rocks are in his hands. I battled doing his hands so I decided to hide them... hey, I'm still learning. ;)


One of my first assignments back at college this semester was to create a hybrid creature from two seperate animals.

I combined a shark and an octopus. I had to include a backdrop as well, was pretty tough, but I think it came out ok...