Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Is Everyone A Bully?

So lately, I've been noticing something which I rather hate about the internet.
Cyber bullying.
Yes, it's been there for ages and it probably wont go away by me just writing down a few words on this blog which probably won't get many views, but I felt I needed to vent. Facebook is definitely not the place and Twitter only allows 140 characters, so here I am, writing this post to any bully out there.

Working in a design and media industry, I'm always online and always looking for people doing things that are different and innovative. Take music for an example.
Let's say Sarah What's-her-face releases a new music video for a song she has worked her ass off perfecting, costing thousands to create a visual representation of her dream, giving her fans exactly what they want while still staying true to herself. Good for Sarah. She is doing what all of us wish we could do - pursue our dreams!
She uploads it and the comments spill in.
This is where I get confused with society.
Who the hell do people think they are crushing the dreams of something special to someone?
Why must people hate on something they don't like?
Why don't they promote and give praise to the type of thing they like, instead of saturating the comments with hate?
If I like Sarahs music, I'll give it a 'like', maybe a comment on what I enjoyed the most and watch her grow, filled with motivation to be better at what she does.
If I don't like it, I move on to something I do like. Hating on her will not increase my 'cool factor'. It just shows the world how much of a douche-bag I can be.

The same goes for movies. I love movies, especially horror movies - there really is nothing better than a frighteningly good horror. The problem is that sometimes Hollywood gets it horrifyingly wrong, but that's the case with horror movies. You either hit the nail on the head with a perfect movie, or you miss and end up with a swollen thumb. Nothing wrong with that, because once again, that's just my opinion.
The writers, directors and producers all believed in their production and therefore it's obviously just not for me, so I move on to something that is better fitting.
Why take time out of your day to track down their website or Twitter and hate on them for something they invested a good portion of their lives into. It's not going to change anything and you'll just be upsetting someone. Does it feel good being a bully? Really, because I'd like to know.

The way things should work is like this:
I recently watched a movie which I found to be brilliant! Seriously, it was good. I don't know why or how, but I really lost myself with this movie. After watching it, I looked up it's website and learnt more about it, shared my opinion with my friends and recommended it to colleagues.
By sharing something good, more like-minded people will get to experience and enjoy what you have, and so on. This is what we need more of.

So yeah, that's me venting. I hope by reading this you might think before posting your next comment. Think of how your comment could affect the person who receives it. Think also about what the world is going to think of you reading your comment, keeping in mind that your comment is your first impression to the world.