Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sexy Brunette With Corset!

So, I finally got around to completing this image today, when the net was conveniently down at work for an hour. I grabbed my tablet, opened my .PSD and zoned out.

There have been a few changes since the last post. For one, she's now a brunette, and not a blonde, and her corset is a grey instead of pink. I decided the 'bubblegum pop princess' was not the route I wanted to use in colouring this one.

As stated before, the lineart is not mine and belongs to Elias Chatzoudis. He's a brilliant artist, and I love his style. All of his pin-ups are amazing, and I hope to one day be half as good as he is.

REMEMBER: Open the images to see full detail.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Slowly Finding Time To Update!

I started this image two weeks ago. Again, the lineart is not mine, although I wish I had time to create my own. The original can be found here.

As most of my posts are, she's a semi-naked woman with massive honkers. Just a personal preference of how I like to create them.
I'm slowly finding the time to squeeze in some work on it here and there, but as you can see from the image above, I have my flats down, and have started highlights and shadows on the face, neck, hair and chest.

Hopefully she'll be complete by next week. I'm thinking of also changing the pink. It all seems a little too "Girl-next-door" for my liking.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry & Juliet Harding (GOODLUCK) Characters!

So, one day, while completely bored at work of creating emoticons, I decided to create a Nicki Minaj Super Bass-ish character. What started off as just mindless fun, ended up being quite enjoyable. 
Once I got her hair pink enough and her booty big enough, I thought I'd try Katy Perry. 
The California Gurls get-up was inevitable considering the blue hair and cupcake boobs, were what most people relate her to.
Lastly, to complete my collection, I created Juliet Harding of Goodluck. I put her in a sequined dress which I've seen her perform in once, with the gold to silver to black sequins. Also, I opened her eyes more than the other two by raising her eyelides slightly.
Hopefully I create a few more soon... Maybe a whole Lady Gaga group, meat dress included.