Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zebra-Corn Shoes!

I designed a pair of Zebra-Corn (Zebra/Unicorn) shoes for my friend, Jessie-Lee's 21st birthday.

I bought a pair of plain white canvas shoes and first did my lines in pencil, then painted in the black zebra stripes. After that, I painted in the blue area around the lace holes and the red stripe on the back piece. Lastly, I painted the yellow front bit and painted the name on the shoe tongue.

I searched for the perfect pair of laces for the shoes and I figured purple and silver sparkly laces are better than plain lumo coloured laces. Gives it more of a 'unicorn' feel.

Lastly, I added a tag onto the shoes with a small card and a brand name for the shoes. I did the tag after I took the photos, so it's not included here.

This was a really fun pair of shoes to make, and it was quick and easy :)
Happy birthday Jess.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies Pot plant!

For one of my friends birthdays, I made her a "Plants VS. Zombies" pot plant.
She's a big fan of the game and bringing the concept together in a simple way produced good results.
I used a polystyrene cup for the base, covered it with the clay which then hardened and lastly, I painted it, filled it with dirt and added the flower.
While doing the photos for my blog, my dog almost destroyed the flowers, luckily they weren't real.
Happy Birthday Jo!