Friday, October 15, 2010

Durban Destruction!

So here is a picture I found from 2009 which I took from a friend's flat. It's of Durban harbour and surroundings and there was something burning in the distance. This was the inspiration I needed! I wanted to destroy Durban! Flaming buildings, smoke-filled skies, and planes plummeting from above. There are lots of small things I added into the image, like the lighthouse on the left or the car in flames on the street, and every element of the picture is made using photos from my own pc - no stock photography (kudos to me!). I really, really love this picture. It was my first attempt at digital painting and I can honestly say, I LOVE it!


  1. WOW!!!!!! Love it! Maybe you are right, this must have been the inspiration for my dream last night about the bombing!

  2. wow!!!! i dont even know how to respond... Keith, you are beyond talented :p we miss you here.