Sunday, December 26, 2010

Katy 'Grunge' Perry

Working on a personal assignment on Christmas eve has proven to be worthy. I took a picture of Katy Perry and grunged the hell outta it. With my increasing knowledge of Illustrator, it made the process a lot more enjoyable because it let me include elements I would usually leave out. This post is proof that there is nothing wrong with working on a public holiday, if this is the result :)


  1. Jeez, this is freaking AWESOME!! Very professional looking. Polished and deliciously grungey :P
    I think you should send it to her (Twitter), or make it available for sale as a print - people will buy this dude, well done.

  2. Thanks so much, man. It means a lot! I wanna make a few more with different models - and it's motivation like this that keeps me going. Thanks again :)

  3. Rose McGowan, Do a Rose McGowan one!!! And you are most welcome, credit where it's due :)