Thursday, March 31, 2011

TV EDGE Website Launch & Graphics

TV EDGE website launches on 1st April 2011!

A site that features the latest and most up-to-date news of awesome new TV shows, such as Hawaii Five-0, Falling Skies, Terra Nova, Nikita and lots more. Grown from what was previously a collection of smaller blogs, has turned into a neatly organised information source of todays TV shows worth watching.

The site layout was created by manic-creations, and I created the site graphics. Two months planning and preparation has birthed a fully fledged site which is updated daily.

T-shirt designs of the TV shows has kept me busy as well, with constant tweaks and additions to make the shirts as perfect as can be. Every little detail was taken note of, to make the site and shirts satisfactory to the eyes.

Remember to keep checking for your daily dose of TV show related information

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