Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry & Juliet Harding (GOODLUCK) Characters!

So, one day, while completely bored at work of creating emoticons, I decided to create a Nicki Minaj Super Bass-ish character. What started off as just mindless fun, ended up being quite enjoyable. 
Once I got her hair pink enough and her booty big enough, I thought I'd try Katy Perry. 
The California Gurls get-up was inevitable considering the blue hair and cupcake boobs, were what most people relate her to.
Lastly, to complete my collection, I created Juliet Harding of Goodluck. I put her in a sequined dress which I've seen her perform in once, with the gold to silver to black sequins. Also, I opened her eyes more than the other two by raising her eyelides slightly.
Hopefully I create a few more soon... Maybe a whole Lady Gaga group, meat dress included.

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