Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doodles and Sketches - Instagram!

It has been a long time since I posted something new.
Time has been extremely tight trying to manage a social life and working 6 days a week, and still squeeze in some of what I love doing - drawing.
At work, while prowling the internet for inspiration, I keep an exam pad in front of me, and just doodle whenever I get the urge to put pencil to paper. Some days it's utter garbage, just swirls and scratches, but some days I end up with something I'm pretty proud of.

The images above are a few that I liked and uploaded to Instagram. It's a lot easier to snap a pic and upload with a fitting hashtag to showcase my work, than doing an entire blog post, but I love my blog and I don't want it to die out in some lonely, dark corner of the internet, so I will do a post whenever I can if the art is worthy.

I also wish I was brave enough to ink my own work again. I miss spending hours on photoshop colouring in a sketch. Maybe one day, when I have the time and willpower, I'll break out the scanner and get back into it, until then, my quick sketches at work keep me happy.

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