Saturday, January 29, 2011

Strawberry Pizza Smoke! - promo

This is just a little image I put together in support of my blog. There's real small details, so be sure to open the image to its full size. The small details are the line and dot patterns which are nicely visible if this is used as a desktop wallpaper. I didn't wanna spoil this image with my 'kmd' watermark so instead I just labeled it with my 'Strawberry Pizza' brand.
I'll be doing blog posts more often so keep checking back. :)


  1. So listen I'm totally stalking your blog now (!!!!) but this is really amazing :)
    Am I seeing a face in the purple smoke on the lower right (right where it becomes pink/orange?) or is my imagination running away with me...?

    Super cool, gotta get your work out there man! :D

  2. Wow. Whats scary is I now see a face in the smoke. Thanks for pointing that out, and by all means, please, stalk away :) As long as my work is getting out there. *EXPOSURE*

    Thanks for all your support!